"It's time to sing!" highlights Lynda Jamison's life today and her career objectives for tomorrow. Her long-time love for Christian Music will no longer take a back seat to career goals. Another CD is in the planning stage. In this new vision for her music, as she blends the compelling melodies of old-time religion with today's jazz rhythms and the vocal excitement of black gospel, Lynda is finally bringing to fruition the very soul of who she is.

"I want to connect all the things I love and care about into my music and my life," Lynda says. "This includes my Foundation for The Gift of Life, an organization I have been associated with for several years." It brings children in need of sophisticated heart surgery to the United States for treatment. They arrive here ill and frightened and Lynda wants to help them depart healthy and happy, ready to begin new, healthy lives in their native countries. "It's a challenging undertaking but I am working with wonderful, committed people from Rotary International who believe deeply in the worth of their ideals and faith in healing."

Since 1993 when Lynda won a coveted place at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Cabaret Symposium she has traveled the country performing in major cabaret rooms from Los Angeles to New York, from Boston to Florida. Special performances for private parties and fund raising are an important part of her career.

Julie Wilson and Margaret Whiting are friends and mentors, their faith and encouragement helped Lynda, a Pittsburgh wife and mother, make an amazing transition to cabaret star. Under the tutelage of Ms. Whiting, hard work paid off with startling success. In November 1995, Lynda was featured in Life magazine. The lengthy, 8-page, picture-filled article told the world about Lynda's mid-life career change. Then there was opening night at the Algonquin Hotel's legendary Oak Room, with the cameras from 20/20 catching every exciting moment. Her featured segment with Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs captured the hopes and dreams of a lifetime.

This spring Lynda completed her third CD with musical director John Oddo at the Clinton Studios in New York. "It was really dynamite!" Lynda says. "First of all the big band sounds with New York's finest studio jazz musicians was awesome &emdash; but what really blew me away were all those strings, horns and even a harp from the New York Philharmonic to back me up on John's incredible arrangements. Truly a dream come true!"

This latest CD aptly titled Unpack Your Dreams, is released in time for Christmas 2001.

Home for Lynda is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband Bob and golden retriever Peaches. One son, his wife and two children live nearby, and Lynda's grandchildren, Ashley and Conor, command special attention when she is home. Another son lives in New York and brings her a sense of "home" while she is in residence in Manhattan. "But Pittsburgh is where my heart is," Lynda says. "I'm taking a break from touring. I'm working on new songs, planning new CD's, enjoying my new home and being a grandma."

Special events in the Pittsburgh area, parties at private clubs all over the Eastern United States and, always, the joy of singing and working on new arrangements is filling Lynda's time.

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