Dear Friends,

I live by two quotes by unknown authors each day of my life. They're taped to my mirror and each morning I start my day with them.

#1 - God never gives us a dream without giving us the strength to carry it out.

#2 - Often God delays purposely and the delay is more an answer to prayer as is the fulfillment when it finally comes.

The title song on my new CD, Unpack Your Dreams, is a song of courage, a song of hope, a song that says your dreams can come true if you proceed with patience, determination and heart. The song was written by Julie Castle who sent it to me several years ago. I loved it immediately and dreamed about it being the title of my next CD.

I began this CD with a planned release for Christmas 2000. Old and new favorite songs were assembled and John Oddo's wonderful arrangements written. We were into an ambitious project here! More time was needed. Recording and mixing in the studio with John, the musicians and the fabulous studio crew was exciting, stimulating and exhausting. We were all thrilled with the final mix - but when should we release it?

The year is now 2001. And then September 11th.

How can one sit and try and think happy songs and music when the whole world is turned upside down? We've all been touched by these losses . . . some of us very close to home and personally. But as our President says . . . we must not let them think that they have defeated us . . . we must carry on. And the two quotes come back to me loud and clear . . .

He gives us the strength to carry on and the delay is sometimes more an answer to our cries for help.

Today I believe that the title song has taken on a new purpose. UNPACK YOUR DREAMS is a theme song for our whole nation if not the world. As our leaders remind us, ". . . don't be afraid to go forward."

We MUST unpack our dreams and we will be OK. We MUST look up for clear guidance and hope. We MUST believe that through this horrific bloodshed will come an answer to our prayers more profound than we ever believed possible.

So as we begin 2002 I wish you all the courage and faith to go on with your lives, unpack those dreams and make them a reality.

With love and best wishes,

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